Sunshine Tovar

Actress / Savant

Milton Bullock

Celebrity Actor

Ruby Harrison Barnes

Executive Drama Coach

Picture yourself on STAGE!

The Magic Window

Calvin Tucker


Wanda Coleman

Life Coach & Youth Mentor

The Magic Window provides acting coaching or drama coaching. We provide a teacher who trains performers–typically film, television, theatre, and musical theatre actors–and gives them advice and mentoring.  Our goal is to enable them while improving their acting and dramatic performances. We help them prepare for auditions and prepare better for roles. Prepare For Life.....And then we turn to the community to help in any way we can.  The concept of The Magic Window will allow the vision of the student performer to shape their future and our world. All Ages are welcome. From infant to elder we are here to help you reach the next level.

The Magic Window has no creative barriers.  We are an evolving program open for nuances and innovation.  Join us.