Sunshine was in the ROTC in High School for a year. During that year She received ribbons for 120 of community service.  Her drill team won 1st place in the Region for marching and drilling riffles. 
When she became home schooled due to bullying she chose to Become a member of the Local Civil Air Patrol. Where she went to Honor Guard Academy to represent the local unit. She trained in Search and Rescue. Currently only 65 flying hours away from obtaining her pilots license.
Until she injured her knee she was the Squadron Leader. Teaching other cadet's drill, honor guard and the history of the Air Force. 
During this time she helped develop a local team that competes nation wide called "Cyber Patriots". They competed 2 years in a row against over 500 other teams (Nation Wide). She has received certificates and ribbons for all the above.
She spent about a year helping with the local teen court and the youth of Wilson as a mentor. Assisting in fund raisers and other responsibilities.

She has also served as Acolyte and assisted in raising money for 2 mission trips they took to In Bayou Al, To assist Hurricane victims. Where they painted, helped repair, feed and care for children while the parents got their homes back together. and help Hurricane victims.
Year 2 they went to Virginia to assist in a similar situation. Her main job there was helping to feed the victims of a flooding. She organized and headed up the drive to obtain blankets, toiletries and non perishable items.

She gave back you a non profit organization that helps others that are handicapped have the ability to experience therapeutic horse back riding program. She helped groom and feed the horses and she helped in the development of a program where 2 of the horses with the assistance of 2 others helped the horses make paintings. Each painting was make with the brushes in the horses mouths. After each painting was completed the horse was assisted in putting their hoof in paint and putting their signature on each painting. The painting were sold at a local Kentucky Derby event. Name of this organization is Rocking Horse Ranch. I am sure she would to this day still be involved in this group had we not had to move.

When Sunshine was 6 years old she decided she need spending money so she went to several different Beauty shops and set up deals with them to come in several days after school to fold their towels. The Stylist would give her their tip money on days she did this.
Two years ago she decided she wanted to try her hand at modeling and acting. Modeling had to be limited to hair modeling only due to the knee injury. But she does enjoy this. She started working on film sets as a Background artist and has even doubled for several Stars and worked on some major productions with TNT, 20 Century Fox, The History Channel and many more. I am attaching an article that the local paper did on her last year. However, she has decided that her heart is pulling her to be on the creative side of the camera.
She has decided that she would like to double major in college. Accounting and Film Development. The best of both worlds.
I am so proud of how she puts her self where she can always be of help to others and how wisely she uses her creativity.
She is going places.

Ruby Barnes